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Soreness Soother Cream


Soreness Soother Cream


Whether you have sore muscles, joints, sprains or broken bones, the herbs in this cream can help soothe the pain and promote healing. Other possibilities include growing pains, arthritis, bruising, strained muscles, achy muscles…

Made with Arnica flowers*, St. John’s Wort flowers*, Calendula flowers*, Comfrey leaves*, Olive oil*, Beeswax, Water*, Poplar Buds* and Lavender Essential Oil*  


45 ml

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“I bought this cream in Solina and have used it a lot. My daughter had a sore neck and sore knee and I gave her some. She said the soreness went away and she loves it. Now she is telling people about it. She lives in Orangeville and is a PSW. I also had soreness in my hip and elbow and when I put it on it feels so much better and the soreness goes away. You were at a craft show in Solina and I bought this from you. I will be getting more. Thank you for your product.”- Judy

” I purchased the ‘soreness cream’ along with the Sea Buckthorne and I really like it. It’s subtle. At first I didn’t think it was doing much but within a short period of time I realized that sore spots (that you just get used to) were no longer sore!” - Heli B.