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First Aid Salve


First Aid Salve


Owie? Reach for the Owie salve to help with cuts, scrapes, insect bites, bruises and other skin irritations. Put on the salve and then the band aid. They’ll be back up playing before you know it.

Made with Calendula flowers*, Plantain leaves*, Chickweed leaves and flowers*, St.JohnsWort flowers*, Yarrow flowers*, Poplar Buds*, Beeswax and Lavender Essential Oil*



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"For Pet Skin, too! – Owie Salve should not only be part of a human first-aid kit, but it should also be an important inclusion in our pet “medicine cabinets.”  I regularly use Owie on a cat’s skin eruptions from an auto-immune disorder for relief of itching and healing of inflammation and infection.  The scabs lift off easily when they’re ready.  One of my large dogs tore the callous off an elbow and it was not possible to suture.  Owie healed the wound nicely, preventing complications.  It now has a protective layer of skin over it.  I noticed that the dog didn’t “worry” the sore after the salve was applied, even though it was left unbandaged. Because Owie is non-irritating and calming for the skin, I believe that the animal is more likely to leave a wound alone. Another dog had an allergic skin reaction of unknown origin, resulting in red blotches on her abdomen with some crusty sores. This inflammation caused the dog great distress. The vet advised me to use a healing ointment and so I used Owie Salve on the affected skin three times a day.  The rash and sores healed with no complications. A bonus for me: when I use Owie Salve on my pets, I enjoy the lovely scent of lavender about them!"