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Happy Spring, the season of promise, birth and beginnings.

Holly Barclay

Beneath the snow the ground is stirring.  It’s a marvel how the plants know that it’s time to move from being dormant into growth.  We look forward to the gifts the ground will bring us this year.


Poplar Buds

Our often overlooked ingredient…

One of the earliest gifts is our often overlooked ingredient: Poplar Bud Oil

Poplar bud oil is found in most of our products.  After our ice storm a few days ago I harvested some of the buds that had fallen to the ground.  The trees on our farm are quite tall and out of reach, making ice storms very helpful. We infuse the buds in organic olive oil and then use them in our products as a natural preservative.

Poplar bud oil extracts are usually very rich in anti-oxidants. These extracts tend to not go rancid, often for a decade or more. Historically and probably prehistorically, indigenous peoples in the Mexican northwest and the American Southwest, used whole cottonwood poplar buds directly in oils, and animal fats and greases to prevent rancidity. Poplar bud oil is antiseptic, a natural antibiotic, speeds healing and lessons scarring. Even bees harvest the resins to make propolis, as it is very important to hive health.

Because of these properties we concluded that polar bud oil would be a healthy choice as a preservative.

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Catch up with Pure Joy at these events this Spring & Summer:

  • Nettle Night   Wednesday, May 29, 2019 7 pm till 8:30  Fifth Wind Farm
    Our popular event is happening again! Join us at Fifth Wind Farm for feasting on food made with nutrient rich nettles. Learn how to harvest and cook this delicious food. Return home with some nettles and a sample.  Contact us at to register.  Cost is $30.

  • Sea Buckthorn Festival    Sunday, August 11, 2019 1:00 PM 4:00 PM Fifth Wind Farm
    Join us for our annual Sea Buckthorn Festival! Sample Sea Buckthorn leaf tea, Sea Buckthorn juice, jelly, and chocolate! On hand will be our international prize winning Sea Buckthorn cream. Explore our Sea Buckthorn orchard and harvest your own nutrient rich Sea Buckthorn berries.

  • Cobourg Farmers Market 
    We will be there the 4th Saturday of the month, June through September 2019