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Announcing our 2016 Herb Awards...


Announcing our 2016 Herb Awards...


Looking back over the past year:

The herb with amazing resurrection powers.....Arnica
 We were quite worried that our few arnica plants were completely destroyed by the winter cold.  To our utter joy and amazement they multiplied like the loaves and fishes to the extent that we became quite lackadaisical about picking our precious flowers.

The most popular “pick your own” goes to the Sea Buckthorn berry. 

  Many people came with empty buckets and left with our gorgeous orange berries and dreams of delicious smoothies and jellies dancing in their heads.

The longest producing plant….   St John’s Wort
 It bloomed a few days before St John’s Day on June 24th and continued opening up bud after bud until November.  It may have been competing with the abundant Arnica and certainly won out in longevity. 

The herb that struggled with failure to thrive…Plantain.  

We kept waiting for plantain to grow but the drought may have been too much for it.  Since it is an important ingredient in several of our salves we hunted intensely to find a few spare leaves.  Fortunately there was a good stand growing in the pathway of a hiking trail in Algonquin Park.

 The newest herb to be used in our products….Lemon Balm.  

After attending an herb conference where a well renowned herbalist recommended lemon balm as a strong anti viral we started making lemon balm lip balm.  So far the reports have been positive in its ability to minimize cold sores.

The newest fragrance…Rose geranium.  
 Our award winning Sea buckthorn cream is available in two fragrances…sweet orange and now, rose geranium.  The camps seem to be clearly divided with strong opinion in each.  Both have the same skin healing properties.  Our newest testimonial came from a happy customer who said that her basal skin cancer had healed without any intervention except the cream and oil.

The herb that taught us the most….Calendula.

  Calendula is our first love and, as is sometimes the case, it is easy to take first loves for granted.  By August we realized that we had become too distracted by other herbs and had failed to harvest enough flowers.  We promptly planted our precious seeds, struggled to keep them alive in the drought and rejoiced as each beautiful flower opened up.  May we be more mindful of calendula next year!