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3987 Timlin Road
Cobourg, ON, K9A 4J9


Our Story

May we never forget to turn to the goodness of nature to heal body, mind and spirit.
— Richo Cech


Johanna Wiersma & Joy Cameron

Johanna Wiersma & Joy Cameron

In 2009, a wedding year at Fifth Wind Farm, thousands of flowers mysteriously arrived in the gardens.  The unexpected gift turned out to be calendula that became so prolific it assumed an important presence at the wedding.

The following summer Joy came to Fifth Wind and pointed to calendula’s healing properties.  The flowers had continued to multiply and take up a large presence.  As we started to turn them into vibrant salves and creams it became more apparent how both arrivals were essential in the birthing of Pure Joy Herbal Creations. In 2017, Holly took over from Joy.

We love this work… it really is pure joy to go out into the garden and pick a basketful of beautiful flowers. Then there is more fun as we are continually finding new ways to process and preserve the plants’ healing qualities. We grow the plants and the beeswax comes from our family's beehives, keeping as much of the product “local” as possible.

Besides herb gardening, Johanna offers Energy Therapy sessions at Fifth Wind Farm and Holly is a Librarian and Archivist.


Perched on a hilltop offering a scenic view of Northumberland County, Fifth Wind Farm is the centre of Pure Joy Herbal Creations.  Fifth Wind, home of Henry and Johanna Wiersma is recognized within the local community as an innovative, alternative hub.  Other than Pure Joy Herbal Creations, this farm, along with its owners, has given life to many endeavours including Earth Block Construction, a leader in alternative sustainable (low carbon) construction techniques using local, natural materials such as compressed clay blocks and straw bales; Community Shared Agriculture, a 10 member organic vegetable and herb garden; and Fifth Wind Wedding Venue.  Fifth Wind is a community hub that welcomes people from all over the world to volunteer, participate in community events and workshops, and celebrate special occasions surrounded by the beautiful landscape.  

Click here to read an article in Northumberland News. Johanna was interviewed by Catherine Hawley.